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Insurance Institute: The Top Safest Cars

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has rewarded Mercury Montego and Ford Five Hundred cars with a Gold “Top Safety Pick” award when these vehicles were equipped with optional side airbags, while Audi A6 won the Silver award for large cars. Out of these three cars, Montego and the Five Hundred are typically different versions of the same car with unique features. Cars with Gold awards achieved "good" ratings for their front, side and rear-impact protection.

In the round of awards, SUV’s and Pickups were not included as the side impact tests of these cars have not been yet conducted. Of those, five cars have been manufactured by sister-companies Audi and Volkswagen and Audi, which won the Silver awards.

When we talk about the midsized vehicles, the Subaru Legacy and Saab 9-3 also received Gold awards. Furthermore, amongst the small-sized vehicles, Honda Civic was the only car, which received a Gold award. This car passed the side-impact crash test and outperformed.

Going through the list of winners in the vehicle’s category, there are certain surprising omissions. For instance, Volvo, that is a part of Ford Motor Company, has promoted all its vehicles ensuring that these are absolutely safe.

However, Russ Rader, a spokesperson from the Institute of stated that Volvo is still lagging behind amongst its potential competitors and even other automobile owners with strong market image for also did not have cars being represented amongst the winners.

Furthermore, another spokesman for Volvo refused that the firm’s cars are any less safer than the top-notch and highly rated vehicles.

He also added in his statement that it is only a philosophy over safety, which is typically different from building vehicles to pass these types of tests. That means, the firm’s cars are absolutely safe depending upon Volvo's own car tests. These are designed to especially protect the occupants during the real-world crashes, which are way more dangerous events than a crash test.

The Institute hence did not select any SUV’s or pickups as these vehicles did not go through the side-impact tests.

In addition to thus, no minivans were picked up since none met the condition to earn the award. While the Nissan Quest, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna minivans outperformed in side and front crash tests, their headrests, which safeguard against especially the neck injury in rear-end impacts, were also rated as poor or marginal.

With the new awards, customers can get a chance to compare cars' ratings more promptly and conveniently. Furthermore, when new designs will be tested in the next year, it is likely that that some more models may get added to the queue of the Top Safety Picks. What more can customers imagine?

All the award winning cars are equipped with side airbags, which are essentially designed to safeguard occupants' heads during the time of crash.

Automobile makers of these cars were told that the Institute would be getting a special acknowledgement for the cars performing the best on the Institute's safety tests. The Institute also offered to carry out the tests early on any car a manufacturer felt may earn a safety award.

Several number of automobile manufacturers requested for early tests, and based on the discussions with top-notch automakers displayed the top safest cars:

The top 10 follow:

Large Cars

Gold: Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego (Twin vehicles)

Silver: Audi A6

Midsized cars

Gold: Saab 9-3

Gold: Subaru Legacy

Silver: Audi A3

Silver: Audi A4

Silver: Chevrolet Malibu with optional side airbags

Silver: Volkswagen Jetta

Silver: Volkswagen Jetta

Silver: Volkswagen Passat

Small car

Gold: Honda Civic 4-door


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Source: NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com)