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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Car Insurance for Women...

1) How are the prices on car insurance for women so low?
As a specialist website with many years of experience advising on womens car insurance, we've built up good relationships with some of the UK's biggest brokers. They know that women have fewer claims on their car insurance which is why they're willing to offer such big discounts.

2) Do you offer car insurance for men?
We are not actually a broker, we simply provide a service to advise people how to save money on their car insurance. Our brokers do insure men, but the prices aren't as competitive because that's not where they specialise. We will be launching a new site soon that caters for young people, male drivers and many many more.

3) What level of women's car insurance do I need?
This all depends on your no claims bonus, the car you drive, your age and many other factors. Why not check out our page on women's car insurance. We've suggested some of the best methods for reducing your womens car insurance premium which we hope you will find useful.

4) I've got a speeding conviction, will I find it difficult to get car insurance?
Providing you declare all convictions and points on your license our brokers will do their best to get you a great deal on your female car insurance. There are certain conviction codes that will increase your premium, but in general a standard speeding fine(e.g. SP30) will not have a great effect on your women's car insurance premium.

5) Why should I get a quote through your site?
We were one of the first companies to start specialising in advising on women's car insurance. This means we've made some great contacts in some of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, which means we can pass these incredible deals onto our readers. If you don't believe us, why not Get a Quote now.