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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Are you a female driver looking for car insurance? Looking around on the internet can lead to lots of conflicting information – largely due to the change in EU law that took hold in December 2012. Before that, insurance companies often offered lower premiums to female drivers based on statistical evidence that showed they were less likely to get into expensive accidents than their male counterparts. 

Although there are many insurance companies still claiming to offer better deals to women drivers, the only way to really get the best rates is to choose a company that really understands the skills and needs of female drivers. And that's where ladymotor.co.uk comes in. Designed by women, for women, our insurance brokerage shops around all the different insurance providers on your behalf, finding you the best deals on policies tailor-made for female drivers. 

Perhaps you're a new driver confused by all the jargon and legislation that needs to be navigated in order to get the best rates on your car insurance? At ladymotor.co.uk our expert staff will explain everything you need to know in plain English and help you find the policy that's right for you. Or maybe you're a more experienced female driver looking for the best possible price for your fully comprehensive insurance plan? Whatever your requirements, we can help you get insured for less.

Want to find out more about our great deals on female insurance? Check out ladymotor.co.uk today.