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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Where women tend to regard themselves as better drivers than many make out, the insurance industry sees no separation in regards to gender and price.

While women used to be at an advantage, gaining cheaper premiums than men, this is no longer the case.

At Lady Motor we make a substantial effort to provide all drivers, male and female, with impressively competitive rates for cover, whether they are seeking car insurance, van insurance or taxi coverage.

If you are a woman on the search for any type of insurance then look no further.

Our modern way of working is very beneficial to all drivers, especially taxi drivers that have just obtained their badge and are eager to get on the road to start making some serious money.

Taxi Insurance for Young Women

As well as efficiency and professionalism, Lady Motor are renowned for putting together policies that best suit the individual, talking you through all of your taxi insurance options.

With more and more female taxi drivers taking to our roads it is only fair that they receive equally high standards as male cab drivers.

Although gender has traditionally played a huge role in arriving at premiums there are many more factors that influence insurance prices.

If you want to learn more about what type of policy we can create for you the get in touch with us today.

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