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Third Party Car Insurance

Third Party car insurance the very basic and minimum level of cover required to be legal on the road. This is one level below Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT)

This page explains what you are covered for with Third Party Only (TPO) car insurance policies.

Having a Third Party Only insurance policy means that (providing you have a MOT, Road Tax & Valid Driving Licence) you are legal to on drive the road. This will insure third parties and their property. So, if you have this type of cover and had an accident against another legal motorist, your insurance company will have to pay out for damages to their vehicle / property.

Please Note: With Third Party Only insurance, you are NOT covered for damages to your own vehicle. You will have to pay for your own damages yourself.


Here are a few FAQ's from our readers. Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions.

Does Third Party Only Insurance Have an Excess?

NO. Third Party does NOT have any excess because you can never claim for anything.

Can I Have Third Party Insurance On a High Value Vehicle?

Although we do not recommend you to have Third Party cover on a high value vehicle, everyone is entitled to have this cover on any car. No matter what the value is.

Can I Drive Other Vehicles With a Third Party Policy?

Driving other cars is normally judged from the age of the policy holder. Most insurers allow you to drive other cars if you are over 25 and some companies over 30. This all depends on your insurance policy. Please clarify this with your broker or insurer direct.

If you have any questions about Third Party Car Insurance or you require motoring advice please feel free to contact us.