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Learner Driver Car Insurance Advice

When you learn to drive, car insurance companies are quite happy to offer you a discount. This page explains on why learner driver car insurance is cheaper when compared against a new driver.

The Learner Driver (Provisional Licence Holder): There's nothing better than having your own car insurance at the age of 17. Insurance companies understand that when you learn to drive in your own car, your mum and/or dad will be in the car which means you're going to extra careful and cannot drive in the dark or the motorway. Although you are still an inexperience driver, you are not treated as a very high risk.

The New Driver (Full Licence Holder): As explained above, a learner driver can sometimes save more money on car insurance compared to a new driver. The reason for this is because once the new driver passes their test, he/she can go on the road and the motorway in the dark without any a supervisor. The full licence holder can also have friends in the car which can also be a higher risk.

When it comes to insuring your car, your best bet is to try specialist brokers who specialises in young driver car insurance. Insurance brokers can find some fantastic deals for learner drivers.

By coming to us you're effectively tapping into around 10 specialist insurance brokers all at once. Our quote system will find you an online deal where by simply entering your details you can have access to 10 specialist brokers which means you can get over 10 prices in just 2 minutes. It sounds like too good to be true but it's really true. It doesn't cost you a penny. Get your free car insurance quotes now start saving.

Other learner driver car insurance advice:

Did you know? Even if you're a provisional licence holder (a learner driver) you can start building your No Cliams Bonus.

If you are not too sure what this means, please read our No Claims Bonus Advice article.