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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Car Insurance for Female Learners

Learning to drive is one of the most exciting yet scariest junctures in your life, waiting for the day in which the open road is at your disposal.

Although the learning process is thrilling you must insure yourself on the car you are learning in, ensuring that in the event of a bump you are fully insured.

Where learning anything is all about trial and error you cannot afford for those errors to not be covered when learning to handle a vehicle.

At Lady Motor we provide flexible cover against accidents while you gain experience on the road, ensuring that you get yourself out there and learn with confidence.

Whether you are practicing in a friendís or family memberís car, you will need an insurance policy in place that protects both you and the car owner.

Although only possessing a provisional license the opportunity to get out on the road is still at your grasp, allowing you to work on your driving style.

We provide short-term learner insurance as well as annual policies, catering specifically to you and how close you are to taking your driving test.

Lady Motor also provides the opportunity for you to upgrade your policy from a learner insurance agreement to a licenced motorist once you have passed your test, offering competitive rates for new customers.

Contact Lady Motor today and learn about how we can save you money as a new driver.