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As a website specialising in cheap motor insurance we thought you might like to know what factors can have the biggest effect on calculating your car insurance premium.

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Every insurance company has different ways of judging a risk. Some specialise in young drivers car insurance, some insurers like to insure convicted drivers and others just will just insure experienced, claim and conviction free drivers. The information below should help you understand what causes premiums to be higher than others. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

NCB (No Claims Bonus) - Also known as NCD (No Claims Discount)...
By far one of the biggest factors that determines you final premium is your NCB, this will give a good indication of whether you are a high or low risk. For more information on no claims bonuses please click here..

Age ...
Quite possibly the second biggest part of the equation, your age will determine( in a car insurance companies eyes) whether you're likely to crash your car within 2 weeks of taking out a policy. Young male drivers are heavily penalised because they have a high ratio of claims that are total write offs due to inexperience.

Penalty Points ...
Speeding points used to be a big black mark on your car insurance record, but with the proliferation of speed cameras throughout the UK, most car insurance companies are well aware that one or two speeding fines doesn't make you a high risk.

Your Car...
Not unsurprisingly, the car your drive tends to have the largest effect on your car insurance. If you drive an F reg ford fiesta valued at £500, the insurance company isn't going to have to pay a lot out in the event of a total write off. However, a Ferrari Enzo valued at over £500,000 is going to cost a lot to replace and therefore will cost a LOT more to insure.

Where You Live...
Car insurance companies are very wary of expensive cars in high crime areas, insuring a brand new BMW M3 is going to cost a lot more in Hull than a little country village because the likely hood of it being stolen is much higher.