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Discount car insurance for women drivers

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Car Insurance for Women

Sexism is an outdated concept – time and time again, modern women have proven that anything men can do, they can do just as well. Often – as is the case with driving – they can do it even better. Research has proven that young female drivers are safer and more careful than their male counterparts, leading to less expensive crashes and accidents.

So, shouldn't these statistics be represented in the cost of insurance premiums? Up until December 2012, insurance companies frequently offered lower premiums to young female drivers. However, with new EU legislation on gender equality preventing companies from offering discounts based on gender alone, it's now much more difficult to find great insurance deals tailored to women drivers. Thankfully, ladymotor.co.uk is on hand to help. 

As an insurance broker specialising in providing bespoke car insurance for women, ladymotor.co.uk is your one-stop shop for finding the best advice and deals on your car insurance. Our team of expert staff know everything there is to know about the specific needs and requirements of women drivers, and will shop around all the providers on your behalf to get you the very best quotes. So whether you're a young female driver looking for help and advice on your car insurance or an experienced motorist searching for a new insurance policy especially for women drivers, we can help you get covered for less.

For more information about our great deals on car insurance for women, check out ladymotor.co.uk today.